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Below is a wide array of welding products and supplies Excelloy provides. Please choose a category below, to view a list of those items.


  • Excelloy 51 AC/DC ±  »

    For all low carbon steels the ultimate all position, all purpose electrodes.

  • Excelloy 52 AC/DC ±  »

    For rusty and dirty steels, a superior, all position, all purpose maintenance electrode.

  • Excelloy 54 AC/DC +  »

    For high strength low alloy steels, a low hydrogen electrode for repairing T-1 type steels.

  • Excelloy 55 AC/DC ±  »

    For crack sensitive steels, an exceptional all position electrode for steels requiring a low hydrogen.

  • Excelloy Pipemaster AC/DC +   »

    The first welding alloy designed with the welder in mind.

Alloy Steel

  • Excelloy 61 AC/DC +  »

    For all ferrous metals, an all position universal high strength alloy for unknown and dissimilar metal.

  • Excelloy 63 AC/DC +  »

    Resists high temperature scaling and creep.

  • Excelloy 69 AC/DC +  »

    For stainless steel, a universal, high deposition crack resistant alloy.

Stainless Steel

  • Excelloy 68 AC/DC +  »

    Stainless steel electrode for austenitic stainless steels.

  • Stainex A/AL AC/DC +  »

    Superior electrode designed for use on most common grades of stainless steels.

  • Stainex B/BL  »

    Superior multi-purpose alloy for arc welding stainless to carbon steel.

  • Stainex C  »

    Universal high chromium and nickel electrode designed to join a wide range of stainless steels even when chemistry is unknown.

  • Stainex E/EL  »

    A fully alloyed corrosion resistant stainless alloy.

  • Stainex G AC/DC +  »

    Outstanding heat and corrosion resistant alloy electrode for joining and build up on high alloy materials.


  • Excelloy 41 DC +  »

    For all weldable grades of aluminum an easy to use, low spatter extruded aluminum electrode.

  • Excelloy 44  »

    Extremely low temperature alloy for joining aluminum to all other metals.

Copper and Bronze

  • Excelloy 32 DC +  »
  • Excelloy 35  »

    A general-purpose low-fuming bronze alloy.

  • Excelloy 36  »

    Phosphor-copper-silver brazing alloys with “o” Torch, furnace, and induction.

  • Excelloy 37  »

    “15%” silver torch, furnace, and induction.

Metal Preparation

  • Excelloy 56 AC/DC -  »

    For all metals, high-speed cutting and gouging electrode.

  • Excelloy 57 AC/DC -  »

    Cutting, beveling, and piercing electrodes for all metals AC or DC straight electrode-.

  • Thermo Shield  »

    Heat-Resistant material for insulating and positioning parts for welding.

Stud Puller

Cast Iron

  • Excelloy 20 AC/DC +  »

    For cast iron, a unique dual alloyed high deposition nickel electrode.

  • Excelloy 21 AC/DC +  »

    For cast iron, Ultra machinable alloy for repair welding cast iron.

  • Excelloy 22 AC/DC +  »

    For cast iron, a super strength alloy for repairs on contaminated cast irons.

  • Excelloy 26 AC/DC +  »

    Premium alloyed electrode for welding all cast iron, high strength AC or DC straight (Electrode-).

Hard Facing


  • Excelloy 12F  »

    The ultimate high silver-brazing alloy, cadmium free, for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


  • Excelloy 44  »

    Extremely low temperature alloy for joining aluminum to all other metals.

Welding Protection