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Excelloy 22 AC/DC + :

For cast iron, a super strength alloy for repairs on contaminated cast irons.

The Excelloy 22 produces high strength, crack resistant, and porosity free welds, On difficult to weld cast irons. Its arc is smooth a stable even when using AC. Weld puddle fluidity is easy controlled in all positions and wetting action, even on dirty castings is exceptional. Deposits are machinable.


This exceptional electrode can be used on gray, malleable, and ductile iron castings. It will produce successful repairs on engine blocks, manifolds, gear housings, transmission cases, and gear teeth. It is ideal for producing high strength welds repairing thick castings, joining cast iron to steel and repairing high strength castings.


Clean and prepare weld zone in accordance with standard welding practice. Veer out cracks using Excelloy 56. Use skip weld technique on complicated castings. Limit bead length to 1-1/2” to minimize heat input. Maintain a maximum interpass temperature of 200 F. Chip slag between passes and peen weld with the ball end of a ball peen hammer.


Technical Data

Tensile strength............................Up to 65,000 PSI
Elongation.....................................Up to 10%

Recommended Amperage Settings

60-90 Amps

80-115 Amps

110-140 Amps

125-160 Amps

*Also Available in tig form (Excelloy 22T)