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Excelloy 73 AC/DC ± :

Wearfacing and build up for severe impact applications

The Excelloy 73 is a high chromium high manganese build up and joining alloy that combines toughness, wear resistance and excellent weldability. When used as a build up or cushioning alloy the Excelloy 73 can be applied in unlimited layers without fear of cracking. When used as a joining alloy it will produce an extremely high tensile strength porosity free weld deposit. Deposits will work harden.


For repair and build up of manganese and carbon steel parts that are exposed to severe impact. It is commonly used on rail frogs, switch points, roll crushers and hammers. It will join manganese steel to carbon steel and most low ally steels


Remove all fatigued base metal using Excelloy 56. Operate electrode with a 30 degree angle in direction of travel. Hold a medium arc length. DC reverse polarity produces highest deposition rates.


Technical Data

Tensile strength...................Up to 116,000 PSI
Yield strength.......................Up to 77,000 PSI
                                             As deposited – 24 RC
                                             Work hardness to – 45 RC

Recommended Amperage Settings

100-140 amps

125-190 amps

150-240 amps

1/ 4
240-325 amps