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Excelloy 56 AC/DC -:

For all metals, high-speed cutting and gouging electrode

An extremely efficient cutting and gouging electrode that has the ability to operate with all types of welding machines on all types of metals. The power packed coating produces a strong arc drive that eliminates the need for compressed air or oxygen. Groove size and depth is easily controlled and the cut is smooth and uniform. This electrode operates well in all positions.


For cutting and gouging grooves in steel, stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel alloys. Economically removes defective metal, prepares cracks for welding and cuts risers and ingates from fresh castings. Ideally suited for removing frozen nuts and piercing holes.


Point tip of electrode in direction of travel while maintaining a flat 10-20 degree work angle. Maintain a short arc while pushing the electrode along the work. Use a sawing action for most efficient metal removal. Move quickly for a shallow groove or slowly for a deep grove.


Recommended amperage settings

125-200 Amps

250-350 Amps

300-400 Amps

350-500 Amps