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Excelloy Stainex G AC/DC+ :

Outstanding heat and corrosion resistant alloy electrode for joining and build up on high alloy materials

Typical applications include hot forging dies, ladles, ladles, tong bits, forming rolls, draw punches and any parts exposed to extreme thermal shock, heavy corrosion applications include chlorine equipment, hot brine pumps, ethyl sulphate absorbers, flare stack eductors, and equipment exposed to halogen bearing plastics.

Welding Procedure

Base metal must be clean. Remove all damaged metal. Use short arc and stringer bead. For best results limit thickness to two passes and preheat heavy or critical sections to 600 degrees F (315 degrees C). Fill all craters. Heat-treating is not recommended unless metal is subjected to below freezing (32 degrees F) (-18 degrees C) temperature.

Technical Data

Tensile strength.............................Up to 100,000PSI


Operating Parameters

Amperages     50-80     70-110     90-135
Diameter (in)   3/32      1/8            5/32