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Excelloy 12F:

The ultimate high silver-brazing alloy, cadmium free, for joining ferrous
and non-ferrous metals

The cadmium free, high silver content makes Excelloy 12F the ultimate choice for joining ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ideal for food and pharmaceutical as well as general industrial use.


Use for joining and repairing stainless steel components, especially when color match is critical. Ideal for tubing, instruments, switches, ornamental trim, and laboratory equipment.

Technical Data:

Tensile strength
Up to 76,000 psi (525 N/mm2)

Working temperature
Approx. 1220F (660C)

Elongation %
Approx. 22

Corrosion resistance

Color match
Good on stainless steel

Electrical conductivity

(in)       1/16” 3/32”
(mm)     1.6 2.5



Prepare surfaces to be joined by mechanical or chemical cleaning. Fixture parts to maintain alignment. Joint clearance should not exceed .003”. Heat parts uniformly with a slightly carburizing flame. Place the flux directly on the heated joint. When the flux becomes clear and fluid, melt a small amount of alloy onto the joint and continue heating to uniformly spread the alloy through the entire joint area. DO NOT OVERHEAT THE BASE METAL. Allow the part to cool slowly, then remove flux residue with warm water.